Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Countdown...

Hi TSO fans!

All prepared for Easter? ON most servers it starts this week!
3 weeks of searching eggs and Easter related quests.

If you get stuck on the maps: -->here<-- are all the answers.

How you get hold of all the eggs? Fair question!
Just do all off the Easter quests and you'll get 600 in 3 weeks. If that isn't enough, your explorer will find much more, just let him hunt for treasures.
Predicted chances & amount of finding eggs

The full post of getting the eggs is -->here<--

On what to spend them? On the TSO-forum is a very nice list what tells it all.
I'll just tell the highlights:
max 1x Veteran: 1350 eggs (a fast general holding 250 units, a must!)
max 2x Eggsplorer: 420 eggs (like an explorer but does his job in half the time)
max 5x Floating House: 75 eggs (kinda noble residence on the water for 40-80 settlers)
several interesting buffs, decoration items and watermills.
Just check out the full list: -->here<--

Happy settling!


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Lost Skull

Hi TSO-fans,

I just finished the guide for The Lost Skull. While it's a mini-adventure a few in-adventure quests has been added to make it more fun. I hope everone enjoys it! 

Because it's so tiny I made a guide for everyone, Veteran or not, Elite Soldiers or not.
The difference in losses you'll see is an extra motivation to go for the Veteran during Easter!



Stealing from the Rich

Hi TSO-fans,

A guide to Stealing from the Rich has been online for a few days. I hope everone enjoys it! And even if you don't have a Veteran it's very usefull to optimize your way through the adventure: the route stays the same ;)

But no worries, Easter is coming and then you'll have a fair change to gain a Veteran!



Note: Stealing from the Rich has been reviewed so it's linked to the new map.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Just in time for the 'four winds' quest-chain: a guide for Outlaws!
Every player between levl 36-46 need to finish this adventure with less than 500R lost. It can be easily done with roughly 350 recruits lost and reasonable other losses.



The 1st map (improved map over -->here!<--):
Outlaws - try-out