Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Countdown...

Hi TSO fans!

All prepared for Easter? ON most servers it starts this week!
3 weeks of searching eggs and Easter related quests.

If you get stuck on the maps: -->here<-- are all the answers.

How you get hold of all the eggs? Fair question!
Just do all off the Easter quests and you'll get 600 in 3 weeks. If that isn't enough, your explorer will find much more, just let him hunt for treasures.
Predicted chances & amount of finding eggs

The full post of getting the eggs is -->here<--

On what to spend them? On the TSO-forum is a very nice list what tells it all.
I'll just tell the highlights:
max 1x Veteran: 1350 eggs (a fast general holding 250 units, a must!)
max 2x Eggsplorer: 420 eggs (like an explorer but does his job in half the time)
max 5x Floating House: 75 eggs (kinda noble residence on the water for 40-80 settlers)
several interesting buffs, decoration items and watermills.
Just check out the full list: -->here<--

Happy settling!


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