Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures - where to get them?

Adventures: you need to know how to get them in the first place before you can play them of course. Besides the trade office, these are the ways to get them. If available a link to my guide is included:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bounty Hunter - 200

Bounty hunter - startscreen
Bounty hunter is a tutorial adventure introducing you with the basics of an adventure.
Normally it can only be played twice:
 - Once it's given as a reward of reaching player level 26.
 - Once it can be bought from the trader for 10 fish.

The reward for reaching level 26 has been changed, BB solved this by releasing these vouchers:
Click on 'Redeem voucher' on the login page. It works only once for every playeraccount.

Basic info:

Of course the walkthrough:
Bounty hunter

Additional information about the camps:

And the lootchances -->here!<--

Change log:
  • 2015-01-13
    • 2nd code added
    • Loot removed & linked to "new loot overview"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Motherly Love

Motherly Love:

A pretty straightforward adventure. With good preparations playable within the hour - or 3 hours if you want to save as many units as possible.

Motherly Love

With Cannons/MMA/Major:

Extra details -->here!<--

Loot options:

Change log:
  • 2014-06-02: Major/MMA/Cannon guide added

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hi everyone,

It took me quit some time to create this guide, I know I had the set-up & the screenshots but always dragged to something else like Horseback or The Dark Priests.

But it's finished! And it's here below.

However finished... Maintenace & optimizing is always needed ;)



Traitors - 250 + 200


Map with cannons & MMA or Vet:

For the achievments "Precious Horses" (use no cavalry) & "The Posy" (lose <200 soldiers):

Below a map with a risky final block - though it works: when you count the amount of time needed & the time the blocking generals will use you'll see that (at least in theory) there is a slight chance you'll loose a few at the blocks.
Traitors - high risk - Veteran only
Details about camps & stuff: -->here!<--

Loot options:

Change log:
  • 2014-05-13
    • MMA/Vet cannon guide added
  • 2014-06-13
    • Guide for Achievements added "Precious Horses" (use no cavalry) & "The Posy" (lose <200 soldiers)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter is finishing...

Hi guys,

Easter has come to an end, it's now only trading for your final need but all quests are over.

Watching the statistics during this period was very surprising! Every time a new quest chain was released by TSO everyone jumped on it, trying to finish it as fast as possible to recieve the 150 eggs reward. Many people used guides for the subquests containing egg-searches, so the visitors to the egghunting maps peaked.

Very nice to see it in this graphic:
Easter 2013: visitors
(1) start of the event: first chain releaesed
(2), (3), (4): release days of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th chain. 
I assume it's no difference to other sites were guides like this are posted. Very great to see and it keeps me motivated to work on more guides in the future! (If you have special wishes, make a comment & I'll do my best!)



Easter maps 2013

Down here: all the easter maps, just befor they go to the archives of Blogger, hopefully they served everyone very well.
Here are the maps with all the eggs!

The eggventures during the event will appear as per 2 in a quest chain (2 per quest chain, 5 days per chain, 4 chains this event). I'm not shure if the quest chains are given at random or in a specific order so during the event so look good at the title of the quest:

About the amount of eggs by searching & the quests: it's -->here<--

Lost easter eggs (difficulty 4/10):
Lost easter eggs

Nearly a picasso (difficulty 5/10):
Nearly a Picasso

Sabotage (difficulty 4/10):

The cousin's island (difficulty 5/10):
The cousin's island

Hunting eggs (difficulty 4/10):
Hunting eggs

A new egg hunt (difficulty 5/10):
A new egg-hunt

The egg hunt begins (difficulty 4/10):
The egg hunt begins

The egg hunt continues:
The egg hunt continues

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Dark Priests - 250 + 200

The Dark Priests (4 ways):

The dark Priests


Fast guide:

Details about camps & stuff: -->here!<--

Loot options:

Change log:

  • 2014-06-04:
    • Cannon guide Vet/MMa/MG added
    • Fast guide added (Vet/MMa/MG)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Horseback - 250 + 200


Horseback - 250 & 200

Details about camps & stuff: -->here!<--

Loot options:

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lost Skull

The map:

Details about camps & stuff: -->here!<--

Loot options:

NOTE about the experience:
You will gain a maximum of 3320 experience points in the loot.
For defeating the camps you recieve 1220 experience. For the 4 in-adventure quests you recieve maximum 2100 experience. This gives a combined total of 1220 + 2100 = 3320 that you'll recieve in the loot.

If you have a quest to lose <50 recruits:

For the achievement "Horses Can't Swimm" (without cavelry):

Change log:
  • 2014-08-02
    • Info about bug in achievement "Horses don't swim" removed: bug is fixed
    • New map added for achievement "Horses don't swim": without cavelry
  • 2014-06-08
    • BB dev diary detail added
  • 2014-06-07:
    • Achievement "Horses don't swim" info added
  • 2014-04-29:
    • Map with MMA/MG settings added
    • Old map moved to 'historical' (below changelog)
  • 2014-01-19:
    • lose <50R map added

Old Map:
The lost skull