Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter maps 2013

Down here: all the easter maps, just befor they go to the archives of Blogger, hopefully they served everyone very well.
Here are the maps with all the eggs!

The eggventures during the event will appear as per 2 in a quest chain (2 per quest chain, 5 days per chain, 4 chains this event). I'm not shure if the quest chains are given at random or in a specific order so during the event so look good at the title of the quest:

About the amount of eggs by searching & the quests: it's -->here<--

Lost easter eggs (difficulty 4/10):
Lost easter eggs

Nearly a picasso (difficulty 5/10):
Nearly a Picasso

Sabotage (difficulty 4/10):

The cousin's island (difficulty 5/10):
The cousin's island

Hunting eggs (difficulty 4/10):
Hunting eggs

A new egg hunt (difficulty 5/10):
A new egg-hunt

The egg hunt begins (difficulty 4/10):
The egg hunt begins

The egg hunt continues:
The egg hunt continues

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