Friday, May 17, 2013

Sector 2

Third sector to be yours - but the first one you'll have to fight for!
Fairly easy, place your garrisson as shown on the map and take out both camps. When done you can reposition yourself for S5!
Home isle: sector 2

Loot chances:
 - 25 Coins
 - 25 Marble
 - 25 HWP
(please let me know if you found other loot to complete this list!)

Note: you have to do this in 2 waves. If you go straight for the leader your general is intercepted first with the camp left of it, and then by the one above in the adjecent sector.
In fact it's no big deal if you've assigned enough troops to your general, but I guess you want to take the sector as fast as possible and not with as many losses as possible ;)

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