Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stealing from the Rich

Time to attend it to you! I made a revision of the Blocks after a few complaints about the timing. They're fully reworked, enjoy!

Stealing from the Rich
Details about camps & stuff: -->here!<--

If you have a Master of Martial Arts general:
(note: you can combine it with the map above - Blocks will work with the MMA as well)

MMA with cannoneers:

If too lazy to set up the blocks, try this map:
Stealing from the Rich - NO blocks

The loot:
Check -->here!<--

And suggestions for assambling a complete other army: -->here!<--

Revision history:
    • 2014-04-26: MMA guide added
    • 2014-05-18: MMA with cannoneers added

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