Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Old Ruins

By Blue Bite
A pretty nice adventure. Some blocks are possible and quite a few in-game quests are available to make it extra fun.

The map:
Extra details -->here!<--

Loot options:
Solution to the retro adventures in the loot (slot 4): -->here!<--

The Jester's map

By Blue Bite
The 3rd point & click adventure:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Nothing Special

By Blue Bite
The 2nd point & click adventure:

The Shaman - 20th Anniversary version

By Blue Bite

Quite a heavy adventure: the experience is like Outlaws but no loot & double of the losses. But some blocks are possible and quite a few in-game quests are available.

The map:

Extra details -->here!<--

Loot chances:
The Shaman loot - 20th Anniversary

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Retro Style

By Blue Bite
The first adventure in the 20th aniversary series:
Just point & click the targets!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Settlers 20th Anniversary EVENT

Dear Settlers,
As you may know, "The Settlers" brand is now 20 years old, this calls for a celebration! We have prepared a little something in-game to celebrate this large event in style! Are you ready for an international challenge? Players of all game worlds will get a chance to win many rewards. Of course the amount of rewards each game world will get depends entirely on how well you do during this event.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

20th Anniversary

By Blue Bite

The Settlers exist 20 years!

Therefore a bunch of quests & adventures are available this summer.

The explanation of the event is done -->here!<--

Guides available sofar:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Little Taylor - Previews

As a preview are here collected the overviews of all adventures according to the testserver settings [as it will take a while to visit & note all details, please be patient it will come!]:

As explained in the developers diary it starts with "The Valliant Little Taylor", both "The Clever Little Taylor" & "The Sons of the Little Taylor" are possible follow-up adventures. Finally "The Betrayed Little Taylor" is a follow-up from "The Sons of the Little Taylor" & "The Heroic Little Taylor" is the follow-up from "The Clever Little Taylor".

Confusing? This info-graphic explains it all:
*NOTE: All adventures are still in the testing phase so maps & details are subject to change!

The Valliant Little Taylor:
The Valliant Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 8/10
Map date: 4 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Clever Little Taylor:
The clever little taylor (preview)
Level: 9/10
Map date: 3 July 2013 (map of 26 june 2013 is outdated!)
Camp info -->here!<--

The Heroic Little Taylor:
The Heroic Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 10/10
Map date: 5 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Sons of the Little Taylor:
The Sons of the Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 9/10
Map date: 5 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Betrayed Little Taylor:
The Betrayed Little Taylor (preview)
level: 10/10
Map date: 3 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Changing names

Ever been on a adventure and looking in your Star Menu for which general you need, asking yourself "Why do they all look the same?"

 - or -

Ever wanted to give your general a fancy name?

Since june 2013 you can change the name of your general very easy:

Select the general you'd like to change the name & click on the crayon to edit the name:

Enter the new name of your general:

When happy whith the name press the 'v' to accept:

You'll see the new name:

And in your Star Menu it will look like this:


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The fairy tale adventures

Update 12 july 2013:

The first batch of epic raids will be deployed on the UK version of the game on 8th of August 2013. Most other servers will recieve this batch of epic raids during the same week (5-11 august) depending on your weekly maintenance day.

Based on comments and opinions on the testserver forum, several aspects related to the epic raids feature were adjusted. For example: the Gold Tower is no longer producing gold bars and is now producing Coins instead.

Update 18 june 2013:

As of today the adventures & all related stuff is live on the testserver at!

High level players! TO ARMS! It is time to battle epic mythical creatures in a unique fairy tale universe and acquire some awesome and cool new items!High levels should expect many exciting challenges in this fairy tale inspired setting: ambitious adventures, new and very powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards that cannot be acquired any other way.
These adventures will be tradable and the minimum level requirement has not been decided yet. More information about exact level frames will be presented in the near future. Bear in mind that some words, items and terms such as “fairy-tale adventures” are still work in progress and might change.
The first batch will introduce 5 new adventures and will be presented to you in-game by a little tailor.

The first adventure can be found using your explorers (long adventure search) or you can grab it in the shop. Once the adventure completed succesfully and if you are lucky, you will be rewarded with a follow-up adventure which will continue the story. (Yes, there is chance factor but and is still work in progress)

These 5 adventures are split into two paths, those two paths each have a final adventure with a special reward to be unlocked.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Island

The Home Island is divided in 9 sectors. The numbers of these sectors is organised like your numpad:

The most ideal order of conquering:
  1. Sector 1
  2. Sector 4
  3. Sector 2
  4. Sector 5
  5. Sector 7
  6. Sector 8
  7. Sector 6
  8. Sector 3
  9. Sector 9
This order will reduce your losses to a minimum, skipping as many camps as possible. You still get all of the experience of all skipped camps when you clear the sector. What you don't get is the loot from the skipped camps, but in most cases the loot doesn't outweigh the losses. The loot changes per sector, per sector are the chances given - as far as there is found through my research -

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sector 9

The heaviest sector of all - you might even want to do several easier adventures like Horseback to gain enough experience to reach level 36 so you can start with crossbows.
Home isle: sector 9

OK now you've cleared your homezone fully the only way of getting new experience is doing adventures and every now and then an accidental quest from the book.

The easiest adventures to start with are: Horseback, Witch of the Swamp & Traitors.
Other interesting adventures are: Stealing from the Rich, The Dark Priests & Island of the Pirates.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sector 6

This sector is as hard as the previous one if you look at the difficulty of the camps. 1 big advantage: you only have to take out 1 camp to get to the leader. And the fact you have soldiers now is a small advantage as well.
Home isle: sector 6

After this one it's time to take down sector 3. A little bit of playing around before the big bang of sector 9...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sector 8

Nothing special: a lot of losses - but easy to execute. Only 1 camp can be avoided - just let your generals roll from Sector 7 to the enemy in thes sector:
Home isle: sector 8

When it's done you can heal your wounds and start preparing for sector 6!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sector 3

Now it's time for sector 3...
An easy sector to take and now it's more clear why we wait such a long time with it: now you finally got cavalry and a shortcut to the leadercamp.
Home Isle - Sector 3

After this one comes the hardest part - sector 9.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sector 7

In sector 5 you had a opportunity for testing a block, now, in sector 7 you have to perform a block to save about 45 recruits. Compared with the sector 5 you should've gained quite some experience and stuff to afford the units & the 2nd general.
Compared with sector 5 this is sector is easy to clear. No interceptions, just give your general a good start position, sit back and enjoy the fights!

The map:
Home Isle: Sector 7

After this sector move on to sector 8. Bringing 5x Marble & 5x Iron, more & bigger deposits compared to sector 3...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crisis quests

The crisis quests in an overview for all levels:
Add this to your google drive: -->here!<--

Based on work by cAmou309