Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Island

The Home Island is divided in 9 sectors. The numbers of these sectors is organised like your numpad:

The most ideal order of conquering:
  1. Sector 1
  2. Sector 4
  3. Sector 2
  4. Sector 5
  5. Sector 7
  6. Sector 8
  7. Sector 6
  8. Sector 3
  9. Sector 9
This order will reduce your losses to a minimum, skipping as many camps as possible. You still get all of the experience of all skipped camps when you clear the sector. What you don't get is the loot from the skipped camps, but in most cases the loot doesn't outweigh the losses. The loot changes per sector, per sector are the chances given - as far as there is found through my research -

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