Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The fairy tale adventures

Update 12 july 2013:

The first batch of epic raids will be deployed on the UK version of the game on 8th of August 2013. Most other servers will recieve this batch of epic raids during the same week (5-11 august) depending on your weekly maintenance day.

Based on comments and opinions on the testserver forum, several aspects related to the epic raids feature were adjusted. For example: the Gold Tower is no longer producing gold bars and is now producing Coins instead.

Update 18 june 2013:

As of today the adventures & all related stuff is live on the testserver at!

High level players! TO ARMS! It is time to battle epic mythical creatures in a unique fairy tale universe and acquire some awesome and cool new items!High levels should expect many exciting challenges in this fairy tale inspired setting: ambitious adventures, new and very powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards that cannot be acquired any other way.
These adventures will be tradable and the minimum level requirement has not been decided yet. More information about exact level frames will be presented in the near future. Bear in mind that some words, items and terms such as “fairy-tale adventures” are still work in progress and might change.
The first batch will introduce 5 new adventures and will be presented to you in-game by a little tailor.

The first adventure can be found using your explorers (long adventure search) or you can grab it in the shop. Once the adventure completed succesfully and if you are lucky, you will be rewarded with a follow-up adventure which will continue the story. (Yes, there is chance factor but and is still work in progress)

These 5 adventures are split into two paths, those two paths each have a final adventure with a special reward to be unlocked.

These special adventures will introduce new and strange creatures to the game such as Unicorns, Greedy Inn-keepers and Lying Goats.

You will also be introduced to two new tradable resources:

Magic Beans

Magic Beans can be earned by playing the new adventures. 
You will be able to exchange them and buy new items in a special shop category.

Magic Beanstalks
Magic Beanstalks have a higher value! Just like the magic beans, they can be exchanged and also be used for the new special shop category. You will be able to produce Magic Beanstalks thanks to your Magic Beans with the help of a brand new building: The Fairy-tale Castle.

  1. Fairy-tale Castle (max: 1)
    Pure magic flows through every corner of this castle.
    This is a special decoration building that can be upgraded up to level 5.
    When the building reaches level 5, it will turn from a decoration item to a production site:
    The building will start to use your Magic Beans to grow into Magic Beanstalks.

  2. Magnificent Residence (max: not limited)
    Your settlers cannot ask for more comfort and luxury.
    With space for a huge number of settlers, it provides enough room and convenience for a king and his entire court.
    You will be informed about the precise capacity after the building design is finalized.

  3. Gold Tower (max: 3)
    This building has been enchanted by Rumpelstiltskin!
    The settler inside this magical tower can spin a straw into pure gold!

New general (max: 2)The Quartermaster General is an expert in logistics. He is not able to lead an attack, but he can transport very large armies (500 units) in a shorter amount of time than his colleagues from your tavern. Each player can have max 2 generals of this type.

Additional 5 building licenses (max: 3)You will be able to acquire an additional 5 building licenses in exchange for Magic Beanstalks. Expect a higher acceleration of your island’s production capacity. Each person can get three of them.

Sandman buff (max: not limited)Additionally, there will be a Sandman’s Powder buff available in the shop which will cover your island in darkness.

More (new) items will be part of the new shop category.

The little tailor will assign you several quests which will guide you through your first fairy-tale adventure 
challenge. This way you will receive a clear introduction to this new feature. bear in mind that there will be
new help windows to explain the functionalities of each new building. These windows will open
upon encountering them for the first time.

The feature will be released in a couple of batches. Each part will bring a bunch of new chained
adventures, enemies, buildings and items.

More information will be published in the future...

Please keep in mind that all presented graphics, wordings and details may differ from the final version.

Official announcement by the TSO-team presented -->here!<--

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