Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Little Taylor - Previews

As a preview are here collected the overviews of all adventures according to the testserver settings [as it will take a while to visit & note all details, please be patient it will come!]:

As explained in the developers diary it starts with "The Valliant Little Taylor", both "The Clever Little Taylor" & "The Sons of the Little Taylor" are possible follow-up adventures. Finally "The Betrayed Little Taylor" is a follow-up from "The Sons of the Little Taylor" & "The Heroic Little Taylor" is the follow-up from "The Clever Little Taylor".

Confusing? This info-graphic explains it all:
*NOTE: All adventures are still in the testing phase so maps & details are subject to change!

The Valliant Little Taylor:
The Valliant Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 8/10
Map date: 4 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Clever Little Taylor:
The clever little taylor (preview)
Level: 9/10
Map date: 3 July 2013 (map of 26 june 2013 is outdated!)
Camp info -->here!<--

The Heroic Little Taylor:
The Heroic Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 10/10
Map date: 5 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Sons of the Little Taylor:
The Sons of the Little Taylor (preview)
Level: 9/10
Map date: 5 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

The Betrayed Little Taylor:
The Betrayed Little Taylor (preview)
level: 10/10
Map date: 3 July 2013
Camp info -->here!<--

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