Friday, June 28, 2013

The Shaman - 20th Anniversary version

By Blue Bite

Quite a heavy adventure: the experience is like Outlaws but no loot & double of the losses. But some blocks are possible and quite a few in-game quests are available.

The map:

Extra details -->here!<--

Loot chances:
The Shaman loot - 20th Anniversary


  1. Problem: I failed at camp 15.
    I think you mean 2 waves there. 1st wave to weaken and 2nd to destroy. But my 2nd wave was fendet and I lost all the troops. :-(
    Can you confirm that the assembly for camp 15 is correct?!?!?

    The rest of the map is fantastic. I like the precise positions of the own camps. And I like the double block in the beginning. ;-)
    Everything went very well and I was very glad about your map. Then I was defeated ...

    1. Hi, it looks like there has been a slight change between the camps in the 20th anniversary and the 'regular' version.
      I'll look into it and make some adjustmensts - maybe a few more camps has been changed.
      It means I have to check 'Old Ruins' as well ;)
      Thx for mentioning!