Wednesday, July 24, 2013

20th anniversary ended

By Blue Bite

OK, party is over! Back to the old-fashioned settlers.
As a small extra surprise is that 2 of the adventures are now available at the trader for a (few) handfull of gems:
Sofar, I haven't found a decent source if those adventures can be found as well with the explorer. What happens whith the loot isn't sure either - yet - during the event it were both XP-only adventures. When my research is done about those 2 subjects I'll let you - of course - know.

Update 31/07/2013: loot is added to "Old Ruins" & "The Shaman". For details look at both adventures.

Needless to say they are now added to the list of permanent "Guides" here on the left & to the lists of "where to get adventures?" & "Loot overview" in the top bar.

As you might noticed: the "20th Anniversary event" hyperlink in the top bar & the "Guides"-list has been moved to the "Past events"-list (down on the left-side).


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