Thursday, July 11, 2013

Co-op adventures & starcoins

As announced in todays dev diary (11 july 2013) by the maintenance at 22 august 2013 a few new options will become available:

Cooperation with adventures:

In multiplayer adventures a new check box will appear & all your guildmates will see your request for assistance (or simply looting) in the adventure.
Co-op request - preview

It will be implemented 'somewhere these days' on the testserver. Further details about how to accept a co-op request will be shown there.

As soon I get the info, I'll share it here as well!


After you reach the highest level in the game, collecting further experience points grants you no advantage. This situation will be changed with the upcoming updates. As a first step, a brand new resource will be implemented to the game: Star Coins.
After the new resource is implemented, all players with level 50 will not be receiving experience points for adventures anymore, they will be getting Star Coins instead. The epic raid adventures are an exception: instead of exp/Star Coins, level 50 players will be receiving additional Magic Beans from them.

Update 26 July 2013: 100 exp will be turned to 1 Star Coin.

What’s more, there will be a special script executed only once on the 8th of August 2013 (during the maintenance). It will affect only level 50 players and will convert all experience points into Star Coins.
How will it work, exactly?On the date mentioned above, all experience points acquired after reaching level 50 will be automatically converted into Star Coins and added to a player's storage. Experience points from not accepted in-game mails will be converted as well and deleted from the mail’s attachments afterwards.
In case you accepted some XP points after reaching level 50, they will be included in the calculation converting the XP into Star Coins as well. No experience points will be lost.

As a second step, a new shop category will be added to the game. This section will include very useful offers that can be acquired in exchange for Star Coins. The respective items are still in the balancing process. More information about offers included there will be revealed later on and the same goes for the date of its implementation.

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