Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quests losing less than 50 recruits

Where to loose less than 50 recruits? (last update 26-01-2014)

High level players often get as Guild Quest the above message. Most of the time in combination with some easier second quest.
Obviously: you can take any adventure & use militia instead of recruits BUT the question here is: what are √≠nteresting adventures to play with losing less than 50R?
Well - easiest is just take any lootspot. But what's the fun in that?

Point & Click:
Point & adventures are by far the easiest to fulfill this quest. Most of them come only with special events - though a few come also with the loot of a few adventures.

An overview of those available:

Normal adventures:

Of course is Bounty Hunter the easiest of all, but you can buy it only once & get it only once with a voucher.

From the common adventures are recommended (maps see below):

Other possibillties - no <50R map yet:
  • Horseback
  • Sleepy Reef
  • Pirate Life
  • The Dark Priests
  • Tropical Sun

Monday, January 6, 2014


What to do with left-over presents?

Good question - depends a bit on your priorities.

Easiest: keep them for next year.

Quick cash: sell them in the tradewindow

Buy adventures: 95 presents each

But are the adventures worth the effort & the investment?
1 thing is for sure: they both give loot which is NOT trade able.

NOT trade able are: manuscripts, tomes & codexes
 The losses for this adventure are roughly:
470 recruits, 50 militia, 50 cavalry

NOT trade able are: weak point potion, small catapult & ranged support
 The losses for this adventure are roughly:
1420 recruits, 60 militia, 75 soldiers, 375 cavalry, 45 bowman

Happy choosing!