Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quests losing less than 50 recruits

Where to loose less than 50 recruits? (last update 26-01-2014)

High level players often get as Guild Quest the above message. Most of the time in combination with some easier second quest.
Obviously: you can take any adventure & use militia instead of recruits BUT the question here is: what are √≠nteresting adventures to play with losing less than 50R?
Well - easiest is just take any lootspot. But what's the fun in that?

Point & Click:
Point & adventures are by far the easiest to fulfill this quest. Most of them come only with special events - though a few come also with the loot of a few adventures.

An overview of those available:

Normal adventures:

Of course is Bounty Hunter the easiest of all, but you can buy it only once & get it only once with a voucher.

From the common adventures are recommended (maps see below):

Other possibillties - no <50R map yet:
  • Horseback
  • Sleepy Reef
  • Pirate Life
  • The Dark Priests
  • Tropical Sun

The Nords: easy, nice reward, good experience & you can help a guild mate as well.

The Lost Skull: very fast, low losses (including Major general).

The Sleeping Vulcano: It's something different.

Change log:
27-01-2014: The sleeping Vulcano map added.
26-01-2014: Point & click adventures added, list of possible adventures added (Bounty HunterThe Lost Skull (with map), The Sleeping Vulcano, Witch of the Swamp, Horseback, Sleepy Reef, Pirate Life, The Dark Priests, Tropical Sun).
19-01-2014: 1st published - map of The Nords

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