Sunday, March 30, 2014

Missing guides

For the following guides there are no guides available yet on this site:
  1. Ali Baba, the Young Woodcutter
  2. Ali Baba and the First Thief
  3. Ali Baba and the Second Thief
  4. Ali Baba and the Third Thief
  5. Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge
  6. Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom
  7. Sinbad and the Besieged City
  8. Sinbad and the Sea Snake
  9. Alladin and the Oil Lamp
  10. Alladin and the Beautifull Prinsess
NOTE: all these adventures are still in TEST-stage. All live-server adventures do have guides available.

For the following adventures there are decent guides on this site made by other players:
  • Non-replaceable guides (as those events are ended):
Of course the missing guides list has the priority to get on this site. The second list contains high quality 3rd party guides so there is less to no need to replace them with copies of my hand - at least not until I've found serious improvements.

It's obvious that the Easter & EuroCup 2012 adventures won't be replaced: they were only available during those events.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Black Knights

FAST version:

Full versions
The Map:


Campdetails are -->here<--

Loot options:
Change log
  • 2014-06-13
    • MMA-guide added
  • 2014-11-10
    • MMA FAst guide added

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reworked: MSE

The map of More Secluded Experiments has been fully reworked!

Click on the link to get there or watch it here below:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Roaring Bull

NOTE: this guide isn't working any more as with an update end 2015 by Blue Bite:
the second BLOCK will fail because your general will be intercepted by camp "b".

Fast map:

Found in a completely different way of presentation:
(made by Sanii, it's the original presentation so any changes are automaticly included in here as well)

Loot options:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Easter 2014: General info

Hi guys,

As seen on the forum, easter is coming!

Now, how to get eggs?

The 10 free eggs offer is still online - but if you claimed it last year allready - you can't claimed it again. But if you're new to the game: enjoy!

There will be some changes compared to Easter 2013 though it will come with loads of stuff and of course: egghunting!

Like last year during the event you'll have 4 quest chains with 5 sub-quests each. Every quest rewards with 10 eggs, completing a chain rewards with 100 eggs so makes a grand total of 150 eggs/chain.
  • 2 quests per chain are egg hunt adventures and there are 8 different maps with eggs to explore! Big change with last year: the eggs are spread out randomly! Exactly like the 'collectibles' (herbs, kettles, etc...). So now you have to find 9 eggs yourself because every map will be different.
  • As extra notice: every egg you'll find is sent to you in the ingame mail - and the reward of finding them all is 1 egg as well making a total of 10 eggs for this sub-quest.
Other ways of getting eggs:
  • There will be special daily quests giving eggs
  • Normal adventures might give eggs as loot (+50% when in premium!)
  • By buffs made in the Major's House Collections tab
  • and of course by trading with other players & for gems at the Trader
New this year is the adventure of 'Garrun the Trapper'.

New as well this year is the introduction of the 'Master of Martial Arts'. A general who can hold 220 units but has a pretty decent first strike (compare it with like 50-60 cavalry) 

Something more interesting:
It's known you can find eggs with the explorer with a treasure hunt. Last year at Siedlervision, a German TSO-information site, they managed to do some predictions:

2014 predicted chances & amount of finding eggs (updated according to siedlervision):
During the Easter event (% chance):
0 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.56
5 Eggs33.3310 Eggs33.3320 Eggs33.3330 Eggs33.33
10 Eggs11.1120 Eggs11.1130 Eggs11.1150 Eggs11.11

How many eggs you'll gain during the event without trading?
150 eggs per quest chain x 4 chains = 600 eggs

21 days of searching with a standard explorer:
10 Very long searches gives 6x0, 3x30, 1x50 = 140 eggs each.

21 days of searching with a Savage scout or eggsplorer:
20 Very long searches gives 12x0, 6x30, 2x50 = 280 eggs each.

So an intensive player with the maximum of 3 Explorers & 10 Savage scouts can get:
600 + 3 x 140 + 10 x 280 = 600 + 420 + 2800 = 3820 eggs

A casual player with 2 standard and 1 fast:
600 + 2 x 140 + 1 x 280 = 600 + 140 + 280 = 1020 eggs

(Note these numbers are predictions! So the results may differ or chances even altered with the actual event)

Happy settling!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Garrun the Trapper

The map:

Camp details click -->here<--

Check -->here!<--

Note: as shown below; during Easter there is an extra slot with a chance for eggs

Change log
  • 2014-05-13: loot details visualized
  • 2014-04-10: verified with lifeserver & finilised
  • 2014-04-11: better loot details (text-only)
    • (according to Siedlervision): 
      Slot 1: 200 granite or 200 EWL, 
      Slot 2: 200 marble or 200 HWP, 
      Slot 3: 100 bread, 
      Slot 4: +300 wheat refill or +600 meat refill, 
      SLot 5: Mother tree ritual or alike buff, 
      Slot 6: 5 to 100 Easter eggs, 
      Slot 7: 8.586 experience or 86 Star coins