Monday, March 3, 2014

Easter 2014: General info

Hi guys,

As seen on the forum, easter is coming!

Now, how to get eggs?

The 10 free eggs offer is still online - but if you claimed it last year allready - you can't claimed it again. But if you're new to the game: enjoy!

There will be some changes compared to Easter 2013 though it will come with loads of stuff and of course: egghunting!

Like last year during the event you'll have 4 quest chains with 5 sub-quests each. Every quest rewards with 10 eggs, completing a chain rewards with 100 eggs so makes a grand total of 150 eggs/chain.
  • 2 quests per chain are egg hunt adventures and there are 8 different maps with eggs to explore! Big change with last year: the eggs are spread out randomly! Exactly like the 'collectibles' (herbs, kettles, etc...). So now you have to find 9 eggs yourself because every map will be different.
  • As extra notice: every egg you'll find is sent to you in the ingame mail - and the reward of finding them all is 1 egg as well making a total of 10 eggs for this sub-quest.
Other ways of getting eggs:
  • There will be special daily quests giving eggs
  • Normal adventures might give eggs as loot (+50% when in premium!)
  • By buffs made in the Major's House Collections tab
  • and of course by trading with other players & for gems at the Trader
New this year is the adventure of 'Garrun the Trapper'.

New as well this year is the introduction of the 'Master of Martial Arts'. A general who can hold 220 units but has a pretty decent first strike (compare it with like 50-60 cavalry) 

Something more interesting:
It's known you can find eggs with the explorer with a treasure hunt. Last year at Siedlervision, a German TSO-information site, they managed to do some predictions:

2014 predicted chances & amount of finding eggs (updated according to siedlervision):
During the Easter event (% chance):
0 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.56
5 Eggs33.3310 Eggs33.3320 Eggs33.3330 Eggs33.33
10 Eggs11.1120 Eggs11.1130 Eggs11.1150 Eggs11.11

How many eggs you'll gain during the event without trading?
150 eggs per quest chain x 4 chains = 600 eggs

21 days of searching with a standard explorer:
10 Very long searches gives 6x0, 3x30, 1x50 = 140 eggs each.

21 days of searching with a Savage scout or eggsplorer:
20 Very long searches gives 12x0, 6x30, 2x50 = 280 eggs each.

So an intensive player with the maximum of 3 Explorers & 10 Savage scouts can get:
600 + 3 x 140 + 10 x 280 = 600 + 420 + 2800 = 3820 eggs

A casual player with 2 standard and 1 fast:
600 + 2 x 140 + 1 x 280 = 600 + 140 + 280 = 1020 eggs

(Note these numbers are predictions! So the results may differ or chances even altered with the actual event)

Happy settling!


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