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Easter 2014: Dev-diary

[Official Dev Diary] Easter Event 2014

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More information about the upcoming event: Easter 2014! All details can be found below.

9th of April 2014 (after maintenance): Start
30th of April 2014 (with maintenance): Removal phase 1
7th of May 2014 (with maintenance): Removal phase 2

Removal phase 1 = Deactivation of event, event shop category remains // Removal phase 2 = Event shop category deactivated

The Easter Event will be brought to your settlements on Wednesday, April 9th 2014! Follow the rabbits, search for special Easter Eggs and provide a screaming rabbid statue to your settlers! This year, besides the Easter specials from the last events, new items and features are introduced and some of the old features are adjusted. Let's go over the details .

Again Easter eggs are this year's event resource.
Eggs can be traded and are listed in the warehouse (event tab) as usual.
In case you still have eggs from former Easter events, you can use them as well.

How to get the eggs?
  • Reward from adventures
  • Reward for completing a series of Easter egg quests
  • Drop chance when an explorer returns from a treasure hunt
  • Collectibles on your home island
  • Trade with other players
  • Shop offers (small and large egg packages)

There will be 3 new event collectibles spawning on your island.
They can be used to produce the "Hidden Egg Hunt" buff in your Mayor's house (collections tab).

Egg Paint, Simple Egg, Wicker Basket

The new buff "Hidden Egg Hunt" will reward players that cooperate with friends.
Activating the buff on a friend's Mayor's house will result in collectible eggs spawning on the friend's island.
Both players will get the amount of eggs the friend is able to find on his island.

Hidden Egg Hunt: (Friend's Mayor's house buff)
Effect: Easter egg collectibles will spawn on a friend's island.
Usage: Immediate egg spawns, 12 hours duration to collect the spawned eggs
Availability: Quest chain, Collection production in the Mayor's house (with Easter egg collectibles)

During the Easter event, all active players of level 17+ will have a chance to cooperate with the Easter NPCs: They will assign one quest chain every 5 days, including 5 subquests each. Each quest chain will consist of several subquests, including tasks related to Easter adventures. In total there are 20 (sub)quests including 8 collectible egg adventures. The quests are split into 3 level ranges: 17-24, 25-39 and 40-50. The Easter adventures and quest texts will be the same for all levels. The tasks based on the level range differ in the resources needed to complete a task.

8 egg search adventures plus a new Easter combat adventure

The new Easter combat adventure
Name: Garrun the Trapper (Easter combat adventure)
Availability: Shop / Gems
Level requirement: 26+
Story: Garrun the Trapper has decided to take it upon himself to sabotage Easter. Save Easter and grab the eggy reward!

The Easter egg search adventures
Task: Search for the randomly spawned collectible eggs
Availability: Easter quest chains
Level requirement: 17+
Important: Eggs are transferred to your home island after all eggs are found and the adventure is finished

A special Easter category is available in the shop during the Easter event.
There will be specialists, buffs, the new combat adventure, buildings and decoration items available for eggs (event resource).

Some of the items offered for eggs are limited. This limit refers to the amount of items you can get during this year's Easter Event.

- You don't have any Floating Residences at all? -> You can get three for eggs this year.
- You already have some Floating Residences from the 2013 Easter Event? -> You can get three for eggs this year.
- You already bought some Floating Residences for gems? -> You can get three for eggs this year.

Master of Martial Arts:
He attacks enemies in combats via first strike and commands up to 220 units.
Limit: 1 per player
Cost: 2395 eggs

Experienced Explorer:
Is twice as fast as normal explorers.
Limit: 1 per player
Cost: 475 eggs

Commands up to 250 units. Travels twice as fast and recovers quicker than regular generals.
Limit: 1 per player
Cost: 1545 eggs

Name: Inspirational Speech
Effect: Increases the effectiveness of all nearby workyards (3 squares radius buff) up to 300%
Duration: The effect lasts 12 hours
Cost: 245 eggs 

Name: Rabbit Lucky Charm
Effect: Increases the effectiveness of a workyard up to 300%
Duration: The effect lasts 48 hours
Cost: 145 eggs

Name: Mineral Rabbit
Effect: Adds 6000 coal to a coal deposit
Duration: One time use
Cost: 75 eggs

Name: Chocolate Rabbit
Effect: Increases the effectiveness of the provision house up to 200% (halves the time)
Duration: The effect lasts 12 hours
Cost: 45 eggs

Name: Floating Residence
Limit: 3 per player
Description: A residence that can only be built on water and provides space for 40 settlers; upgradable up to level 5
Cost: 75 eggs

Name: Watermill
Limit: 5 per player
Description: Produces unlimited water; upgradable up to level 5
Cost: 275 eggs

Name: Rabbits Farm Field
Limit: Unlimited
Description: A farmfield that contains 6.000 wheat
Cost: 75 eggs

Name: Raving Rabbid Statue
Limit: Unlimited
Description: The Easter Bunny himself inspired the look of this statue. It will scream for you if you click it!
Cost: 195 eggs

All animals on your island were scared away by these creepy little Rabbids!
But don't be afraid - they don't scream, they only walk around.

After the Easter event, the animals will return and take back their island!

A new special surprise box will be available with the Easter event!

Name: Paula's Surprise Box
Limit: Unlimited
Description: Provides randomly chosen buildings. Good luck!
Cost: 145 gems

Important: All pictures and information are based on the test version. The final version may differ.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

Happy egg hunting!

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