Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter 2014: Live server verified updates!

Garrun the Trapper

Just checked the adventure for differences & mistakes with the TEST-server.
The map is slightly reworked to it's final state!
Original post with updated map & reworked loot (lootoverview is ongoing)
 -->It's all here folks!<--

During the Easter event (% chance):
0 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.560 Eggs55.56
5 Eggs33.3310 Eggs33.3320 Eggs33.3330 Eggs33.33
10 Eggs11.1120 Eggs11.1130 Eggs11.1150 Eggs11.11

And finally some numbers on eggs coming with the loot of several adventures:

Check the numbers -->here!<--
NOTE: the numbers are still updated during the event based on real results with players.

If you need only the map:

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