First insights: World Championship Event

Sneak peek is a brief information about one of the upcoming game versions and may not reflect the final status of the content.
After the game version is finalised, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

In June the World Championship Event will be started on a world wide basis. It is planned to publish it for the first time on the international test server this week, most likely on Wednesday, the 30th of April 2014. Feel free to visit the test environment (link) to have a closer look and make sure to share your feedback via the forums for the test server 

Highlights of the event (first insights)
  • The Event Calendar (known from the last Christmas event) will be re-introduced
  • A new special explorer can be obtained
  • The non-combat event adventures contain camps that must be defeated with special buffs
  • New upgrade level 6 for certain buildings and a new resource for the upgrades
  • Event collectibles

Event calendar
The calendar will consist of 31 doors. Behind each door, similar to the Christmas Surprise calendar, there is an item. Each day one door can be opened. There will also be special doors, where you can choose among several items.

The improved storehouse
If all doors are opened, this special reward awaits you upon opening the last door!
Event adventures
The 7 new, non-combat event adventures are available through the event calendar. These calendar doors can always be opened, no matter whether previous doors were opened. Therefore, every player will be able to play all adventures.

Special camps
Every camp owns certain "skills". These must be defeated, but not with military units. To defeat such a camp, counter abilities (buffs) have to be used to remove the skills from the camp. Once all "skills" were removed, the camp is defeated.
Rewards are footballs (event resource) and XP / Star Coins for level 50 players.

Camp skills
Lucky Explorer
The new "Lucky explorer" is 3 times as fast as a normal explorer.

This lucky guy has a special ability:
During each type of search (e.g. treasure or adventures) he has a chance to find one additional buff.
Level 6 upgrades for 3 buildings and a new resource
Stone mason, marble mason and farm can be upgraded to level 6.

A new resource is needed to do so: Grout.
It is very rare and will only be available on special occasions like events, gift packages, etc.
Please keep in mind that the upcoming test server game version is in an early state.
The final version may differ. After the game version is finalised, a Dev Diary will be published.
For feedback, please go here.

Happy settling!