Saturday, June 7, 2014

Achievements: The lost Skull

UPDATE: as of mid-july 2014 this achievement is 'fixed' by BB - now you can use Soldiers but no cav any more

For the achievment "horses can't swim":

As you see it says you can still use Cavalry - but the normal Soldier isn't mentioned. This is a very fortunate error from BB --> you can complete the achievement with bringing horses, but do not bring a single Soldier!

As long BB this hasn't adjust it works. I tried it with cavalry & it worked flawless.
(and leave the Master of Martial Arts general at home as well - he count as a type of unit)

With one of the next few updates (mid june 2014?) it will be adjusted:
Horses Can't Swim
Sometimes the trigger responsible for unlocking this achievement is not working correctly.
The information has been already forwarded and the fix is being tested.
Status: Fix is planned for one of the next game version updates.

Change log:

  • 2014-08-08
    • BB dev diary detail added

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