Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bandit Nest

Bandit Nest:
A fairly easy adventure though pretty high losses compared to rewards on other adventures.
With the use of a MMA (Master of Martial Arts) it's way better and worth it to do it a few times as a "change of scenery".


Campdetails: -->here<--

Achievement "without cavalry":

Check -->here!<--

Change Log
  • 2014-08-28
    • "No cav" guide (for achievements): changed settings to camp 5 for Major General


  1. complete disaster this guode. I lost 80 Cannons when using my major with the troops described for l1 or camp 5.. Disgusted

    1. It looks like you meant the guide to obtain the achievements:
      Checking the numbers for that camp (90R, 9M, 1E, 170K) indeed gave your outcome.
      I have no idea were that error came from - but the setup has been corrected to some new numbers (130R, 36S, 1E, 103A).

      NOTE: It's always usefull to run check numbers on guides you use for the first time - especially when it involves expensive units. Guide builders do need feedback if the're are mistakes in it, even when it's a typo. This aplies even more to go seperate guides designed to obtain achievements. Normally a player uses those only ones just to obtain them & go on with the more interesting adventures & guides.

      And look on the bright side: it's only a computer game - not real life.