Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup 2014: Adventure loot

Adventures will give footballs & suff as well!

CHANGE LOG - 18/06/2014All players who finished adventures since the event started will receive an in-game mail with the appropriate amount footballs and event resources included. It will be sent during the update on the 26th of June the 18th of June Be aware that the chance of getting event resources/footballs is not 100% for every played adventure. 

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There was a mistake in the Change Log. The script to send those ran last week (during the maintenance on the 18th of June). The Change Log has been corrected to show that. Thank you for pointing it out!
Adventures will all get 2 extra slots
1 slot with for event collectibles
      - Equal chance for any of them - amount differs per adventure
        13 sorts means 7,7% chance of each kind
           Those are: Shoe, Shoulder Pad, Helmet, Red Paint, Wet Grass, Elastic Spring,
                           Grease, Banana Peel, Stud, Twister, Telescope, Fist & Corner Flag.
                           (only Advanced Paper for Red Cards doesn't come with the loot)
1 slot for footballs
      - 25% big batch - amount differs per adventure
      - 33% small batch - amount differs per adventure
      - 42% nothing

AdventureAmount collectiblesfootballs (extra slot 2)
(extra slot 1)big batch (25%)small batch (33%)
Witch of the Swamp552
Island of the Pirates452
Wild Mary452
Bounty Hunter4*52
Stealing from the Rich1184
The Black Priest752
Victor the Vicious3884
Sons of the Veldt6084
The Nords584
Secluded Experiments8085
The Black knights1874
Roaring Bull2074
The Dark Brotherhood8074
Old Friends552
Motherly love4384
Bandit Nest2252
Surpise attack1184
Invasion of the Nords3052
Lost kull552
Tropical Sun552
Clever Little Taylor8085
Vailliant Little Taylor8085
Heroic Little Taylor8085
Sons of the Little Taylor8085
Betrayed Little Taylor8085
Sleeping Vulcano852
Pirates Life3552
Sleepy Reef2052
More Secluded Experiments304012
Return to the Bandit Nest30206
The Siege114012
Lakeside Treasure54012
Bucaneer Roundup106018
Raiding the Raiders196018
Garrun the Trapper6XX

*) Bounty Hunter has a ~40% chance of nothing

Source: A post on Siedler-vision containing this spreadsheet (in German, above is a translated extract)

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