Sunday, June 8, 2014

Worldcup 2014: predict your needs

This time is beat the camps by (contra)buffing them. Every player has abilities & you need to disable them by buffs you need to make in the Provision House & Improved Provision House.
On all the maps is stated what's in every camp & told how many 'abilities' of each type there are & how to take them out.

If you want to predict your total needs check this spreadsheet:
-->This one!<--
Make a copy on your own - it contains a message board for detailed updates.



  1. Does anyone have a tip for downloading it as Excel so that I can enter the data for the buffs I have? I've tried, and some elements are broken. Example, doesn't matter which matches are marked as to be done, the Total to defeat values are not calculated (Stay at 0)

    1. You should make a copy of the spreadsheet in Google Drive - then it should work properly.