Dear Settlers,

There was a bug when completing the Summer Event calendar.

The main reward (Improved Storehouse) was obtainable multiple times.
Some players acquired 4 or more Improved Storehouses from the calendar, thus exploiting the bug to enrich their accounts.

Since we want players to demonstrate Fair Play and respect the “Terms Of Use”, we ask all players who redeemed 4 or more Improved Storehouses to put them back into the Star menu. They will be deleted from the Star menu during the next maintenance on the 22nd of July.

Questions & Answers

  • Will I get banned if I acquired 4 or more Improved Storehouses?
    If you return all but one Improved Storehouses that were acquired on Saturday, the 12th of July, your account will not be banned.
  • I no longer have them, what can I do?
    It doesn't matter how you obtain the missing ones. You can buy them in the shop or trade for them.
    Friends can also help you out.
  • I'm still not able to get the required amount of Improved Storehouses back!
    Please contact Support immediately (Cheat & Hack category, subject: "Improved Storehouse Exploit").
  • I was on vacation and noticed the announcement too late, will I get banned?You received an in-game mail message. Please read it carefully, as it should explain everything.
    You will receive another message during the next maintenance.
  • Why are players allowed to keep 3 or less Improved Storehouses?
    We don't want to imply that every player who acquired 2 or 3 Improved Storehouses on that occasion used the bug on purpose.
    But we can be sure that every player who obtained 4 or more Improved Storehouses exploited the bug.
  • I still have questions, who can I contact about it? 
    Please contact the Support team. Choose the category "Cheat & Hack" and write "Improved Storehouse Exploit" in the subject field.
  • What happens if I have multiple storehouses (obtained some other way - trade, shop), but I only acquired 1 from the calendar? 
    If you did not exploit the bug, nothing happens. Thank you for not taking advantage of the issue!
    The players who exploited the bug will receive an in-game mail message informing them of the next steps to follow.

In the spirit of Fair Play we hope and expect that every affected player will return the Improved Storehouses to the Star menu. We will provide further information to affected players via an in-game mail message until the evening of Friday, 18th of July.

Your "The Settlers Online" Team