Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup 2014: Deactivation

Summer Event Deactivation FAQ

Dear Settlers!

The Summer Event will be deactivated during a maintenance.

It will be done in the early hours of the 15th of July 2014.
There will be no further maintenance that week.

Start: Around 01:00 BST
End: Approx. 09:00 BST

This brief FAQ will provide you with information about the deactivation.

  • What happens during the maintenance?
    All parts of the Summer Event will be deactivated.
    Please be aware that the event shop category will also be disabled.
  • What happens to Event quests that are not finished?
    The event quest chains will be cancelled and disabled.
  • What happens to Explorers who were sent out before the deactivation and are still searching?
    If you are lucky, your explorers might bring back some event resources from his last search.
    All explorers sent out on treasure hunts after the deactivation will not find event resources anymore.
  • Will I still receive event items when I finish an adventure?
    No. Only adventures completed before the deactivation have a chance to provide special event items.
  • What if I have not opened all event calendar doors?
    The calendar will be disabled. All doors would need to be opened before deactivation.

  • What happens to event collectibles spread on my island?
    There is a limited time frame to grab collectibles until the next batch replaces the former one. Depending on the time when the event collectibles spawned on your island, it might happen that you still have some time to pick up event collectibles after the deactivation. But the next batch of collectibles will be standard ones again.

  • What happens with the productions in my provision house?The productions that were started before the deactivation will continue to produce,
    but you cannot add new event productions.
    The provision house's event tab will be disabled.
  • Is it possible to use the event buffs (like red card, etc.) after deactivation?
    The event adventures will be stopped and removed, so you cannot use the special event buffs anymore.
  • What happens with the event adventures?
    The event adventures can only be finished before deactivation.
    During the maintenance, all event adventures will be stopped and removed.

Further information
  • All Summer Event resources will be hidden from the storehouse (except footballs).
    You still own them (you don't lose any resources).
    You can see the amount in the trade office when you place an offer.
    With the next football related summer event, items will be visible in the Mayor's house again.
  • All event buffs can be deleted from the star menu.
    Be aware: They may be useful again in a future event
  • Trade offers with (hidden) event resources won't be displayed to other players anymore
    (i.e. you can still trade with footballs, pumpkins, eggs etc.)
  • The Lucky Explorer will be available in the shop with the next game version (22nd of July).
More details about the next game version that will be deployed on the 22nd of July will be provided with the change log soon.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

Happy Settling!

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