Monday, August 18, 2014


Below an overview of all possible achievements. Feel free to add it to your google drive (if you have an account).

For most adventures are guides available (check the list on the left).

For multiplayer adventures it can be interesting to take a lootspot:
  • Example: "Complete "Sons of the Veldt" without using crossbowman, elite soldiers or cannoneers"
    • It's doable but expensive on other units & for achieving it only counts your part of the input on the adventure. Taking a lootspot will take only cavalry or recruits. It doesn't matter how many rossbowman, elite soldiers or cannoneers the other player used.
    • The other way round hand you can play using crossbowman, elite soldiers and/or cannoneers as much as you like and still sell them for the achievements.

So it's worth finding a friend and swap the lootspots to get both that achievement on a fairly easy way.

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