Saturday, November 15, 2014

Combat System Adjustments

According to BB some elements of the old Combat system had to be changed. The list below provides a brief overview of the adjustments.

Important: Basic combat mechanics, adventure unit deployments and low level units were not touched!

Changes take place during the maintenance between 24 & 30 november 2014.

  • Adventure loot adjustments
    The loot will be changed completely. Instead of weapons, raw materials for producing weapons will be included and the loot will be adjusted to the losses of the particular adventure.
  • Epic Raid unit Rebalancing
    Some of the units used in the Epic Raid adventures were rebalanced.
    Hitpoints and Attack damage were changed, some units can deal out Splash Damage.
    Also, the amount of XP for defeated units was adjusted in some cases.
  • Unit production times
    Production times for Elite Soldier, Crossbow Man, Cannoneer and Cavalry were decreased.
  • Resource adjustments
    Production times for Steel Sword, Damascene Sword, Canon, Gunpowder and Carriage were decreased. Furthermore, production costs for Damascene Sword and Canon were also decreased.
  • Adventure Types and Icons
    Adventure types were adjusted and a feedback with concrete icons and colours
    for type and difficulty was added for each adventure.
  • Adventure Loot Button
    "Add to Star Menu" and "Add to storage" buttons were implemented for adventure loot mails as well.
  • Adventure Searches
    The Adventure searches were adjusted.
    Possibilities were changed and some adventures added / removed.
  • Adventure Shop prices
    The shop prices of adventures in the shop were adjusted.
    The selection in the shop was changed as well.

Besides the statement "It's all adjusted" specific details aren't available

As BB wants your ffeedback, you can leave it here.

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