Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Only available through the Christmas calendar, new buff adventures are introduced with this year's event. The "Buff Adventures" are a series of adventures asking players to "deliver" gifts to houses on multiple islands. They are balanced for the following level groups: 16-25, 26-35, 36+. When opening one of the special doors, a player gets an adventure based on the player's level and the door itself (later doors include longer adventures). There will be 6 special adventure doors available in the calendar. Similar to the "Summer event" special adventures, camps on the map are occupied by 1 or 2 different unit types. Each can be "defeated" with 1 or 2 different buff types.

Unit Types:

Unit nameBuff alternative 1Buff alternative 2Adventure levelIcon
Sad childSimple toysSimple decorations16-25
Worried adultCookiesSimple decorations16-25
Upset childSophisticated toysDelicate decorations26-35
Grumpy adultGift wrapped beverageDelicate decorations26-35
Impatient childPony rideExpensive toys36+
Bitter adultArt giftJewelry36+
The different types of buffs ("gift" themed) can be produced in the Provision House by using resources.
They can then be used on houses (camps) on adventure islands to defeat and turn them into beautiful Christmas homes.

Buff Types:

Buff nameRequired 1Resource 2Icon
Simple toys30 x Pinewood20 x Stone
Cookies14 x Wheat24 x Water
Simple decorations10 x Marble20 x Hard wood
Sophisticated toys10 x Bronze15 x Marble
Gift wrapped beverage25 x Brew20 x Simple paper
Special decorations5 x Nib2 x Gold ore
Pony ride5 x Exotic wood20 x Tools
Expensive toys12 x Gold ore

Art gift10 x Iron bar4 x Intermediate paper
Jewelry12 x Gold ore

Below some examples of the "Getting into the Christmas Spirit" adventures lvl 36-50.
NOTE: Since on 1 of them I've also found Easter Eggs: for indication only (unless stated otherwise).

(Map based on "The Siege")

(Map based on "Hunting eggs")

(Map based on "The egg hunt begins")

(Map based on "Hunting eggs" (adjusted))

(Map based on "The Sleeping Vulcano")

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