Friday, November 28, 2014

New adventure pricing at the Trader

With the november 2014 update the new pricing of the adventures compared with the old pricing:
AdventureOld priceNew priceDifference
Bounty hunter10Fish10Fish0Fish
Old ruins195Gems195Gems0Gems
Pirate Life395Gems295Gems-100Gems
The Black Knigts495Gems495Gems0Gems
Surprise Attack500MF695Gems695Gems
Invasion of the nords1495Gems1495Gems0Gems
Witch of the Swamp100MF95MF-5MF
The Siege150MF95MF-55MF
Stealing from the Rich195Gems145MF-50MF
Sleepy Reef295Gems175MF-120MF
Sons of the Veld200MF195MF-5MF
Bandit Nest200MF195MF-5MF
The Black Knigts300MF295MF-5MF
Roaring Bull300MF295MF-5MF
Adventure box300MF300MF0MF
Valliant Little Taylor650MF595MF-55MF
Secluded Experiments30MFRemoved from shop
Island of the Pirates150MFRemoved from shop
Dark Brotherhood300MFRemoved from shop
Dark Priests150MFRemoved from shop
Wild Mary200MFRemoved from shop
Victor the Vicious200MFRemoved from shop
Outlaws200MFRemoved from shop
Sleeping Vulcano295GemsRemoved from shop
Lakeside Treasure295GemsRemoved from shop
Buccaneer Roundup100MFRemoved from shop

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