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Christmas 2014: Dev Diary


Dear Settlers,

The cold season of the year is getting closer and closer. Did you manage to spot the first signs of the upcoming winter?
All the settlers are preparing for the special Christmas Event! The summary of the event is available below.

The Christmas Event 2014 will start at the same time worldwide and it will end with 2 removal phases.

  • Start: 11th of December 2014
  • Removal phase I: After the maintenance on the 8th of January 2015
  • Removal phase II: With the maintenance on the 15th of January 2015
NOTE: these dates are for the EU-English servers. On other servers the dates may slightly differ.

Several graphics will be modified to fit the Christmas mood, like the logo and the loading screen.
Information about the removal phases can be found -->here!<--.

During the Christmas event, all players will get the opportunity to gather special event resources: Presents.

Presents (Event resource)
Presents are displayed in the "Event" tab in storehouses.
The event resource can be traded. In case you still have Presents from previous years, you can use them during this year's event.
The game will offer a variety of possibilities to collect many gifts, including Presents!
  • Advent Calendar: The event calendar has been improved. Open one door every day to get gifts
  • Buff Adventures: New special non-combat buff adventures that provide useful rewards. Available through Christmas Surprise special doors
  • Adventures: Two combat adventures with a Croaker Christmas story are available
  • Collections: Special collectible items will start to spawn on your home islands - you will be able to transform them into Presents
  • Daily Quests: Special Christmas Daily Quests will be running during the whole event
  • Event Quest Chain: A Christmas Quest Chain will guide you through the event
  • Explorers: Each standard treasure search will have a chance to bring you some Presents (in addition to a standard search reward)
  • Shop: There will be 2 packages with Presents available in the Shop

With the start of the Christmas 2014 event, the Advent Calendar will become available again!
It provides many useful gifts, including buildings.

After the Christmas 2014 event activation, you can open one of the 28 doors in the Advent Calendar every day.

The Advent Calendar interface will feature 4 different types of doors:

Type: Regular door
Description: Can be opened on the specific date that is displayed on the door
Rewards: Opening a regular door provides rewards that are chosen randomly

Type: Buff Adventure door
Description: Can be opened on or after the date that is displayed on the door, regardless of previously opened doors
Rewards: These doors offer special Christmas buff adventures

Type: Special door
Description: Can be opened only if all previous doors have been opened.
Rewards: When it's time to open this door, one reward must be chosen

Type: 28th window
Description: Can be opened on 28th day of the event only if all previous doors have been opened
Rewards: When it's time to open this door, one reward must be chosen
There is also a very special reward waiting for players who will open all calendar doors:
This year it's a bundle including an Arctic Iron Mine and a Frozen Manor!
Opening the Advent Calendar interface is simple! Just click on the icon of a star that's floating next to your avatar:

Only available through the Advent Calendar, new buff adventures are introduced with this year's event. The "Buff Adventures" are a series of adventures that require you to "deliver" gifts to houses on multiple islands.


Find all details about these new adventures, buffs and units -->here!<--.

Additional item productions can be unlocked in the Rarity Provision House with Recipes.
A Recipe must only be acquired and applied once, the new production item is permanent.
Recipes can be obtained with Presents during the event.

Read all about the Details -->here!<--.

Two special Christmas-themed combat adventures will be available in the shop. Details can be found below.

Name: Save the Christmas feast
Required level: 26
Description: The Croaker has stolen all the presents. Defeat the Croaker and retrieve the missing presents.
Price: 95 Gems

Name: The stolen Sleigh
Required level: 36
Description: The Christmas Feast is in danger. The Croaker has stolen Santa’s sleigh. It is up to you to get it back.
Price: 95 Gems

You will be able to find special collectible items on your home island for the entire duration of the event. As usual, after you spot a collectible item, you need to click on it to collect it and transfer it to your storehouse. After you have collected a certain amount of these event collectibles, they can be converted into Presents (event resource) in your Mayor's house!

While the event is active, it will be possible to acquire the buffs shown below.

Name: Christmas feast
Effect: Speeds up the process of getting new settlers into your village up to 600%.
Duration: The effect lasts for 2 hours.
Price: 50 Presents

Name: Cookies
Effect: Boosts the production of a workyard up to 300%.
Duration: The effect lasts for 32 hours.
Price: 80 Presents

Name: The fermentation accelerator
Effect: Boosts the production of a brewery up to 400%.
Duration:The effect lasts for 24 hours.
Price: 60 Presents

Name: Hot Lemon Tea
Effect: Boosts the speed of a village school up to 300%.
Duration: The effect lasts for 24 hours.
Price: 50 Presents
During the event you will have the chance to acquire a special buff that changes the weather on your home island and bring some snow! In case you change your mind and want to remove the snow from your home island, there will be another buff allowing you to do so.

Name: A Thousand Snowflakes
Effect: After you activate the buff on your Tavern, it will bring snow to your home island.
Duration: The effect lasts for 7 days.
Price: 40 Presents

Name: Solar Flare
Effect: It removes the snow from your home island.
Duration: Not applicable
Price: 1 Fish

There will also be a possibility to get more Granite: If you give some Presents and Marble to the elves, they'll be able to provide you with Granite! This option will only be available from the Provision house for a limited time (for the duration of the event).

Name: Granite transformation
Effect: Converts Presents and Marble into Granite.
Required level: 7
Available in: Provision house
During the event, Grout can be obtained. This special resource allows you to upgrade certain buildings from level 5 to level 6!
Two additional buildings can be upgraded to level 6: The Silo and the Improved Silo.

Name: Christmas Tree (Small) (not limited)

A very nice Christmas tree that can be used to decorate your settlement!

Name: Christmas Tree (not limited)

If you would like to decorate your city a little bit more, you can use this animated Christmas tree!

Name: Snowman (not limited)

Even if there's not enough snow outside, you will be able to get a Snowman too!

Name: Deerstalker Hut (2 per player)

Produces unlimited meat without consuming any resources or deposits.
This year each player will be able to purchase 2 buildings of this type.
It doesn't matter if you already acquired a building like this in the past or not.

Name: Recycling Manufactory (2 per player)

Produces unlimited coal without consuming any resources or deposits.
This year each player will be able to purchase 2 buildings of this type.
It doesn't matter if you already acquired a building like this in the past or not.

Name: Arctic Iron Mine (not limited)

Works like a level 5 level Iron Mine and does not require a building license.
It needs to be placed on a free iron deposit (already discovered and not occupied).
The building does not go back to the Star menu after demolition/being depleted.

Name: Rarity Provision House (Total limit: 1 per player)

A new Provision House that allows you to produce improved deposit re-fillers (Fish and Meat), new productivity buff that triples the output of a workyard and also Map Fragments. It's limited to 1 per player in total (if you already own one, you cannot buy another one).

Last but not least: Have a look at the centre of your island... A surprise can now be found in the same spot you were defeating Golems not long ago...

Please feel free to leave your feedback on the official forum: here.

Happy settling!

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