With the maintenance on the 8th of January the event will enter Removal phase 1.
This brief FAQ will provide you with some detail information about that phase.

  • What does Removal phase 1 basically mean?
    The core mechanisms of the event will be turned off, but the event shop category will remain until Removal phase 2 on the 15th of January. This means you have one additional week to get special event items for Presents. The Presents (event resources) are shown in your storage any time, even after removal phase 2.
  • Can I still collect Christmas Collectibles in Removal phase 1?
    Collectibles that spawned before the maintenance can still be collected. However, after the collectible items are newly refreshed in Removal phase 1, no new Presents will spawn.
  • What happens to Christmas Quests that are not finished?
    The event quest chains will be cancelled.
  • When will Explorers stop finding Presents on treasure searches?
    If the search was finished during Removal Phase 1 (after maintenance) and started before,
    no Presents will be included in the loot.
  • Is it still possible to create event items?
    The creation of the Christmas Adventure Buffs and the Collection "Basket of presents" are only possible until the start of Removal phase 1. If you started to produce an event item briefly before the Removal phase 1 maintenance, this item will be finished even after Removal phase 1. Same goes for completed items: You can still pick them up after Removal phase 1.
  • What happens to the Christmas Adventure buffs in my Star Menu?
    The buffs can still be used to play the Adventures.
    For a refund of the production resources, the buff has to be applied to the Mayor's house.
  • How long will the shop category be available?
    The Christmas Event category will be deactivated with Removal phase 2.