Sneak peek is a brief information about one of upcoming game versions and may not reflect the final status of the content. Once the game version is finalised, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

March 2015 will be a very eggciting period for your settlers. On March 17th, the Easter 2015 event will be activated worldwide! The first version of the Easter 2015 event will be deployed on the international test server within the next days. Feel free to visit the test environment (link) to have a closer look and make sure to share your feedback on the test server forum! 

This year's event will introduce several new features and items.
Most importantly, a new event resource will be introduced:

Stripy Easter eggs!

Amongst many features known from previous Easter Events, new content will also be added to the game this year. A few examples: more buildings can be upgraded to level 6, a new and exclusive Easter buff adventure, weekly Easter quests, plus Easter 2015 Achievements and a special Achievement building (providing space for Settlers; the more progress in the event, the bigger the building).

Level 6 will be available for the Iron smelter, Iron weaponsmith and Iron mine

Stripy Easter eggs will be the new Easter Event resource.
This brief summary answers the most pressing questions about the old and new Easter eggs:

  • What are Stripy Easter eggs?
    Stripy eggs are this year's Easter event resource.
    They are only usable in this year's Event and cannot be saved for later Easter events.
  • Can I use my old Easter eggs?
    Not any more. The plan is changed! Two shop categories will provide the chance to grab special items for old & Stripy Easter eggs.
    This year will be the last chance to spent old (dotted) Easter eggs!
  • What happens to my old Easter eggs?
    During the summer event you can spent them for goodies. They can be spent for 2014's event items.
    The shop from 2014's event will be available during this year's event.
    Some of the old items can be obtained with the old Easter eggs OR Stripy eggs.
  • Can I obtain limited items from 2014's event again? Will the limit be raised?
    Limits of 2014's event shop items are not going to be raised.
  • More details?
    Will be provided in the Easter Event Dev Diary in March 2015.

Achievement building

An exclusive Easter 2015 Achievement building will be available. The building works like a residence building, providing space for settlers. Its level depends on the sum of achievement points gained from Easter 2015 event achievements.

Finishing Easter quests or playing Easter buff adventures are only two of many ways of collecting Easter achievement points. More details will be provided in the Dev Diary once the game version is finalised.
For feedback, please go here.

Happy settling!