The upcoming Easter 2015 Event, Stripy eggs, Achievement building and more

Dear Settlers!
March 2015 will be a very eggciting period for your settlers.
On March 17th, the Easter Event will be activated worldwide!

  • Start: 17th of March 2015 around 09:00 GMT
  • Removal phase I: 7th of April 2015 around 09:00 GMT
  • Removal phase II: 14th of April 2015 during maintenance

This year's event will introduce several new features and items.
Most importantly, a new event resource will be introduced:

Stripy Easter eggs!

New content will also be added to the game this year. A few examples: more buildings can be upgraded to level 6, a new and exclusive Easter buff adventure, weekly Easter quests plus Easter 2015 Achievements and a special Achievement building (providing space for Settlers; the more progress in the event, the bigger the building).

Let's take a closer look!

Stripy Easter eggs are the new Easter Event resource.
The following brief FAQ provides more information about the Easter 2015 event resource.

Additionally, a new Dev Blog will provide more insights on the new event resource.
It is still being prepared and it is planned to be published on the 16th or 17th of March.

  • What are Stripy Easter eggs?
    Stripy eggs are this year's Easter event resource.
    They are only usable in this year's Event and cannot be saved for later Easter events.
  • Can I use my old Easter eggs?
    The former Easter event resource, "dotted" eggs, cannot be used in this year's event.
  • What happens to my old Easter eggs?
    A special event shop will become available later this year, during which you can spend former Easter event eggs ("dotted" eggs).
  • Can I obtain limited items from 2014's Easter event again? Will the limit be raised?
    There will be several items available for Stripy Easter eggs, among them the Master of Martial Arts.
    The event shop from the Easter 2014 Event won't be available.
    Former event ("dotted") eggs can be spent during a special event that will become available at a later time this year.
  • Can I still trade old ("dotted") Easter eggs?
    Yes! You can sell and buy old ("dotted")Easter Eggs in the trade system.
  • Can I trade Stripy eggs?
    Yes! Stripy Easter eggs are tradeable.
  • Will it be possible to exchange the former ("dotted") Easter eggs for Stripy eggs?
    There is no such exchange planned.

During the Event, all players have the chance to gather Stripy Eggs (the new Easter Event resource).
Stripy eggs can be traded. There are several ways to get them:

  • Adventures:
    All Adventures except Scenarios have a chance of providing Stripy eggs as loot.
  • Expeditions:
    All Expeditions have a chance of providing Stripy eggs as loot.
    There will be no islands with Stripy eggs as colony yield.
  • Collectibles:
    Stripy eggs will spawn on the home island to be collected.
  • Explorers:
    Stripy eggs can be found with each standard treasure (in addition to the regular search reward).
  • Shop:
    There will be 2 packages with Stripy eggs available in the Shop.
  • Event Quest Chain:
    Every 5 days, you will get One Easter Quest Chain (with 5 sub quests), that will offer Stripy eggs as reward.
  • Quests & Easter adventures:
    The Event Quest Chains will hold quests for 2 adventures in which hidden Easter eggs have to be found.
    There are 8 adventures in total, with 10 hidden eggs each.

When Removal Phase II kicks in, remaining Stripy eggs will be exchanged to coins.
Read more about this in the explanation of the > Removal phases <.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

Happy Easter!