The Easter 2015 event will be deactivated in 2 steps. As known from previous events, most of the features are not available any more in Removal Phase I. With Removal Phase II, all event parts (including the shop) will be deactivated.

Removal phase I: 7th of April 2015 around 09:00 AM GMT

  • Easter Quests will be deactivated. Started Easter (sub-)quests can still be completed, but no new weekly quest will spawn afterwards.
  • The first spawn of Collectibles after Removal Phase I won't provide Stripy eggs any more
  • Explorers won't find Stripy eggs any more:
    Searches that were started before Removal Phase I still have the chance to provide Stripy eggs
  • Adventure and Expedition loot won't include Stripy Eggs any more
  • The Easter design will be removed from the loading screen
  • The Event window will be deactivated
  • The Event shop will still be available

Removal phase II: 14th of April 2015 during maintenance

  • All started weekly Easter quests will be cancelled. All progress for unfinished quests will be lost.
  • The Event shop category will be deactivated
  • Stripy Eggs will be removed from the game and exchanged to Coins

With Removal Phase II, all Stripy eggs will be removed from the game and exchanged to Coins.

  • Every player will receive a message in the game
  • If there were Stripy eggs in the Mayor's house, they got exchanged to Coins.
    These Coins will be attached to the message
  • In case there were no Stripy eggs left to exchange, the mail includes no Coins
  • Stripy Eggs in the Mayor's house will be automatically exchanged to Coins and sent via in-game mail
  • Stripy Eggs in the Star Menu will be exchanged to Coins and appear as Coin buffs in the Star menu
  • All running trade offers and requests will be removed from the trade.
    The invested resources will be sent back attached to an in-game message
    including Coins instead of Stripy eggs
  • Stripy Eggs as message attachment (e.g. from adventures or Explorer searches)
    will be exchanged to Gold coins. The mail will remain unchanged but contain Coins instead of Stripy eggs.