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The Valiant Little Tailor

This walkthrough is mostly based on the guides made by Corona88, Evil_J and info on combined with a few own additions.

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Max losses: 3298R, 2174B, 370L, 148M, 16S (6004 units)
On alternatives: 2591R, 2485B, 420L, 184M, 16S, 2K (5698 units)
Needed: above mentioned losses + 2M, 1S, 1E, 270C, 202A, 200K (6500 units max)

Recovering needed:
Suggested: 6x Vet, 2x standard, 10x any
Alternatives: 2x Vet, 2x Standard, 2x MMA, 10x any

As comparisson:
Corona88: 3502R, 1932B, 337M, 16S, 170L, 2K (5959 units)
settlersonlinewiki: 3275R,2742B, 620LB (6637 units)

Saving extra units:

There are a few ways to reduce losses though but they come mostly with timing issues but if speed is no concern you can do these options to save 1000-1500 units.

Blocking: Camp 3 in Sector 1:
Blocking camp 3 in the first sector saves ~185 units.
NOTE: at least 3 Standard generals needed who need to recover. If you have 6 there are no timing issues withe the other blocks in this guide but if you have less or you used the 'spare' block you need a 4hr recovery until you can perform the block of the 2nd sector (will be ~3hr as you need ~1hr of playing until you're ready for that block).

Blocking: Camp 16 in Sector 3:
Blocking camp 16 in the third sector saves ~190-230 units (suggestion/alternative)
NOTE: the block works though it's tight. The walking the red zone / 1st wave / final wave takes ~40 + 10 + 60 = 110 seconds, the block lasts 120 seconds with a <1% chance of 100 seconds.

Extra MMA use:
On camp 16 using 3x a MMA saves 197 recruits. Though you either need to have 3 MMAs or wait for recovery.
(On many more suicide waves can a MMA save units - this list isn't complete)

Small catapult:
Have a lootspot buyer/swapper take out camp 23 saving ~380-500 units (suggestion/alternative)

Have a lootspot buyer/swapper use an Assassin on camp 24 depending on the result it saves ~70-450 units and in somes cases militia can be replaced by recruits.

Used abbreviations:

R = recruitB = bowmanM = militia
C = cavalry L = longbowman S = soldier
A = crossbowman E = elite soldier K = cannoneer

MG  = Major generalV / Vet = VeteranMMA = Master of Martial Arts
BHG  = batle hardened generalGR = Grimm reaper MoD = Master of Defense
Stand. = Standard generalany = any type of generalW1, W2, ... = Wave 1, Wave 2, ...

sector 1:

Generals position: because of no blocks not really relevant.

Camp 1 (30 fox, 100 boar):
MG: 124R, 1E, 145K (124R)

Camp 2 (120 wolf):

MMA: 86R, 1E, 133C (86R)
MG: 86R, 1E, 183C (86R)

Camp 3 (30 wolf, 130 boar):
MG: 120R, 70B, 80K (120R, 70B)
W1, any: 37B (37B)
W2, MG: 147R 1ES 122K (147R)

Camp 4 (90 wolf 90 fox):
MG: 209B, 61K (209B)
W1, any: 150R (150R)
W2, MG: 155R, 1E, 114K (155R)

Camp 5 (30 fox, 120 boar):
MG: 159R, 1E, 110K (159R)

Leader camp 6 (60 fox, 80 boar, 1 giant leader, 1 giant leader)

W1, Vet: 250R (250R)
W2, any: 180R (180R)
W3, MG: 72R, 1ES, 197k (72R)
W1, any: 200B (200B)
W2, any: 200B (200B)

W3: MG: 132R, 1E, 137K (132R)

Max losses in sector 1: 991R, 279B & recovering 1 vet, 3 any
Max losses sector 1 on alternatives: 639R, 609B & recovering 4 any

sector 2

For camp 7 no special placement needed - just keep the 'any' general behind the block setup (shown below)

Camp 7 (170 boar):
W1, any: 100R (100R)
W2, MG: 170R, 1E, 99K (140R)
W1, any: 81B (81B)
W2, MG: 135R, 1E 134K (135R)

Camp 8 (60 wolf, 90 boar):
MG: 144R, 1E, 125K (144R)


Position generals as shown on the map: 3x standard, 1x Vet, 1x MG
Send all generals right after each other

Camp 9 (180 boar):
Std 'Block 1': 1R (1R)

Camp 10 (60 fox, 100 boar)
Std 'Block 2': 124S, 48E, 20C (-)

Camp 9 (180 boar)
Std 'Block 3': 1R (1R)

Leader camp 11 (80 wolf, 60 fox, 50 boar, 1 unicorn)
Vet 'Vet': 250B (250B)
MG 'Major': 149R, 121K (149R)
W1, BHG: 198B (198B)
W2, MG: 150R, 23M, 1E, 96K (150R)

What happens?
'Block 1' blocks camp 9 long enough to let 'Block 2' pass. 'Block 3' blocks camp 9 long enough to let the Vet & MG pass. Then 'Block 2' will block camp 10 so the Vet & MG can take out the leader.

Max losses in sector 2: 525R, 250B & recovering 1 Vet, 1 any, 2 Standard
Max losses sector 2 on alternatives: 430R, 331B & recovering 1 Vet, 1 any, 2 Standard

sector 3

Generals position: if blocking check below - otherwise not really relevant.

Camp 12 (60 wolf, 140 fox):
W1, MMA: 220B (220B)
W2, Vet: 113R, 1E, 136K (112R)
MG: 136M 134K (136M)
W1, Vet: 227B (227B)
W2, MG: 131R, 1E, 138K (131R)

Camp 13 (60 fox, 40 bear):
MG: 149R, 1E, 120k (150R)

Camp 14 (80 wolf, 50 bear):
W1, any: 100B (100B)
W2, MG: 140R, 1E, 129K (140R)

Camp 15 (160 fox):
W1, any: 200R (200R)
W2, MG: 123R, 1E, 146K (123R)
MG: 62R, 48M, 160K (62R, 48M)
W1, MMA: 1R (1R)
W2, MMA: 1R (1R)
W3, MMA: 1R (1R)
W4, Vet: 114R, 136K (114R)

Camp 16 (190 wolf):
Vet: 250B (190B)
MG: 230R, 40K (230R)

Leader camp 17 (69 wolf, 80 fox, 50 bear, 1 furious boar)
W1, Vet: 80B 170LB (80B 170LB)
W2, MG: 140R 17S 113K (140R 16S)
W1, Vet: 250B (250B)
W2, MMA: 220B (220B)
W3, MG: 84R, 186K (84R)

Max losses in sector 3: 865R, 16S, 590B, 170L & recovering 2 Vet, 2 any
Max losses in sector 3 on alternatives: 566R, 184M, 16S, 570B & recovering 1 Vet, 1 MMA

sector 4

Generals position: because of no blocks not really relevant.

Camp 18 (60 royal bowman, 80 royal recruit):
136R, 1E, 133K (136R)

Camp 19 (60 royal longbowman, 50 royal militia):
W1, Vet: 250B (250B)
W2, MG: 139R, 131C (139R) or W2, MMA: 139R, 81C (139R)
W1, any: 200L (200L)
W2, MG: 77R, 193C (77R)
W1, MMA: 220B (220B)
W2, MG: 137R, 133C (137R) or W2, MMA: 136R, 134C (136R)

Camp 20 (60 royal militia, 30 royal cannoneer):
W1, any: 110R (110R)
W2, MG: 100R 170XB (98R)
W1, any: 200R (200R)
W2, MG: 67R, 1E, 202A, (67R)

Camp 21 (120 royal longbowman):
W1, any: 175B (175B)
W2, MG: 270C (-) or W2, MMA: 220C (-)

Camp 22 (170 royal recruit):
W1, any: 100R (100R)
w2, MG: 150R 120K (150R)
W1, any: 200B (200B)
W2, MG: 127R, 143K (127R)

Camp 23 (150 royal bowman, 30 royal cavalry):
MG: 180B, 90K (180B)
MG: 213R, 57K (213R, 2K)

Camp 24 (80 royal longbowman, 40 royal cavarly, 30 royal militia):
W1, any: 200L (200L)
W2, MG: 180R, 90K (180R)
W1, any: 200B (200B)
W2, any: 200B (200B)
W3, any: 100R (37R)
use a small catapult on camp 24
tip: sell it as a lootspot.

Camp "LS" is an option for the lootspot buyer if he doesn't make an instant kill (1R needed).

Leader camp 25 (80 royal longbowman, 40 royal cavarly, 60 royal militia, 1 evil king)
W1, any: 200B (200B)
W2, Vet: 250B (250B)
W3, MG: 150M, 120K (148M)
W1, any: 200B (200B)
W2, MMA: 220L (220L)
W3, MG: 100R, 170K (100R)
Using an assassin:

Max losses in sector 3: 915R, 148M, 1055B, 200L & recovering 2 Vet, 4 any
Max losses in sector 3 on alternatives: 956R, 975B, 420L, 2K & recovering 1 MMA, 5 any

Change log:

  • 2015-05-19: correcting few minor typos, few alternatives for saving extra units added.
  • 2015-05-16: Sector 3 camp 16 block added.
  • 2015-05-15: Sector 1, camp 3 block added.
  • 2015-04-26: minor updates in layout

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