XXL Level Cap Raise Pack - Island Expansion, Level 75, Arabian Nights Epic Raid, Storm Recovery Scenario & more

Dear Settlers!
With one of the next upcoming new game versions, the previously announced XXL pack will become available.
A part of the XXL pack will be introduced weekly.
The new version is planned to be deployed to the live servers end of September / early October.

Let's start with the Level Cap Raise description, included features and details about Level 6 for all buildings.


The level cap will be raised from 50 to 75.

  • Every player starts with the same amount of Experience Points
  • Star Coins cannot be exchanged back to XP
  • 25 new levels will become available
  • 89 new main quests and
  • 28 new side quests will guide you through the new levels
  • 20 new Achievements will become available

XP and Star Coins

The star coin shop will remain available!
Additionally there will be other opportunities to gain Star Coins.

Experience Points won’t be converted into Star Coins anymore.

Possible sources for Star Coins:
  • Main quests starting level 50
  • New buff quests
  • New adventures
It hasn't been decided yet how Experience Points and Star Coins are handled once a player reaches level 75.
The amount of Experience Points gained through completing level 50+ adventures, quests etc. will be very high.
Converting them into Star Coins, as before, would result in a huge amount of Star Coins flooding the game economy.
At some point, the system will be adjusted and balanced out in order to ensure it's functioning properly after level 75.

We are searching for additional opportunities to provide Experience Points.

Specialists: Additions

  • New exploration task to explore the archipelago
  • New treasure search task with new resources
  • New adventure search task with new adventures
  • New deposit search task for each of the new deposits (Granite, Titanium, Salpeter)

Level 6 building upgrades

Every building that could be upgraded to level 5 will be upgradable to level 6. Special buildings, with similar base production to normal level 5 buildings, cannot be upgraded. Most of the upgrades will need grout and granite.

Sources for grout:
  • Reward chance for solving Arabian Nights adventures
  • Reward chance for defeating hard camps on the expandable islands
  • In the shop during events for event resources
Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

Happy leveling!