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Roaring Bull - fast

Roaring Bull MMA & Major General guide (fast)

NOTE: this guide isn't working any more as with an update end 2015 the possibility for placing your generals at 'POS1' has been deleted by Blue Bite.

This walkthrough is mostly based on the guides made by Corona88 & Evil_J combined with a few own additions & repositioning of the blocks. It's faster & safer than the former guide though that one might be still interesting if you want to take out more sectors to gain some experience (not recommended though - doing 3 fast RB's gives more XP, triple loot & less losses) .

Old guide if you want other ideas: -->here!<--


2 normal general 1 Major and 3-4 MMA (possible play with only 1), also it's possible to play without Major using only MMA and veteran.

max losses: 425R (602R without killing MMA)
tested losses: 401R
units needed: 425R (602R without killing MMA) 191C, 1M, 212E, 139K, 141A, (96A if you don't have MG).

Used abbreviations:

R = recruitB = bowmanM = militia
C = cavalry L = longbowman S = soldier
A = crossbowman E = elite soldier K = cannoneer

MG  = Major generalV / Vet = VeteranMMA = Master of Martial Arts
BHG  = batle hardened generalGR = Grimm reaper MoD = Master of Defense
Stand. = Standard generalany = any type of generalW1, W2, ... = Wave 1, Wave 2, ...

1st Dark Castle:

Offer: MMA, leader: Major (or vet)

Leader Camp WT1 (80 Cultists, 50 Shadowsneakers, 70 Firedancers, 1 Dark High Priest):
W1: MMA 'offer': 1R (1R)
W2: MG 'leader': 127R, 1E, 141A, 1K (117-125-127R)
Alt W2: Vet 'leader': 154R, 95A, 1K (138-148-154R)

Leader Camp WT1 without Cannons:
W1: MMA 'offer': 190R (190R)
Alt W1: Vet 'offer': 220R (220R)
W2: Any 'leader': 200A (-)

Leader Camp WT1 in 1 wave:
MG 'leader': 210R 60K (184-199-210R)

2nd Dark Castle:
Camp 2:
Placement: not really relevant - as long as you don't interfere with the upcoming block.

Order of attack: 
Camp 2 (20 Dark Priests, 80 Shadowsneakers, 100 Cultists):
W1: MMA 'offer': 1R (1R)
W2: MMA 'camp 2': 28R, 1E, 191C (24-26-28R)

Camp 2 in 1 wave
MMA 'camp 2': 74R, 146E (66-70-74R)

Block setup:

Block 1 & 2 Standard general, offer & leader MMA
'recovery' is the MMA you jut use in the suicide-attack above. If you took out camp 2 in one wave that spot is empty ;)

BLOCK: send all generals right after each other:

NOTE: in 0,7% cases block can fail (on camp 3) if you use 2 MMAs on WT2

Camp 3 (70 Cultists, 50 Shadowsneakers, 80 Firedancers):
Std 'block 1': 77E, 123C

Camp 4 (100 Cultists, 100 Firedancers):
Std 'block 2': 134E, 59C

Leader Camp WT2 (80 Cultists, 120 Firedancers)
W1: MMA 'offer': 1R(1R)
W2: MMA 'leader': 135R, 1E, 1A, 83K (125-129-135R)

Leader Camp WT2 in 1 wave:
MMA 'offer': 188R, 1E, 1A, 30K (171-178-188R)
Alt: MMA 'offer': 42R, 103B, 75K, (max 42R, 103B)
Alt: MG 'offer': 42R, 118B, 100K (max 42R, 118B)
Alt: Vet 'offer': 42R, 120B, 88K (max 42R, 120B)

3rd Dark Castle:
Invite looters - if you haven't done allready. They can use any general with 1R on one of the camps next to their landing zone.


Block 1 & 2: standard general 
leader: Major preferred - otherwise MMA


Send all generals right after each other (be quick):

Camp 6 (90 Nomads, 60 Lance Riders, 50 Cataphracts):
Std 'Block 1': 1R (1R)
Alt: Std 'Block1': 119E, 50C

Camp 7 (110 Nomads, 40 Riding Amazonian Guards, 50 Cataphrasts):
Std 'Block 2': 1R (1R)
Alt: Std 'Block2': 89E, 89C

Leader Camp 8 (70 Nomads, 100 Lance Riders, 30 Cataphracts, 1 Uproarius Bull):
MG 'leader': 130R, 1M, 139K (102-116-130R)
Alt: MMA 'leader': 148R, 1M, 71K (127-138-148R)


Check -->here!<--

Change log:
2015-09-10: repositioning of the generals in the block of WT2 

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