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The Heroic Little Tailor

This guide is made by corona88, as I haven't found any improvements yet there is no reason for a remake.

The Map:

Used abbreviations:

R = recruitB = bowmanM = militia
C = cavalry L = longbowman S = soldier
A = crossbowman E = elite soldier K = cannoneer

MG  = Major generalV / Vet = VeteranMMA = Master of Martial Arts
BHG  = batle hardened generalGR = Grimm reaper MoD = Master of Defense
Stand. = Standard generalany = any type of generalW1, W2, ... = Wave 1, Wave 2, ...

Note: BLT is much better and easier to play than HLT (loot is same)

HLT is only worth to play only if you're willing to use 2 small and 2 big catapults (of course better is use your catapults in BLT)

4 catapults can save over 1800 units (max 287R, 1545B)

Basic info:
max loses: 2123R, 3781B, 522M, 70L, 170C, 36S
or: 1836R, 2236B, 522M, 70L, 170C, 474M using 1 RoA, 2 small & 2 big catapults

Units needed:
2123R, 3781B, 522M, 70L, 368C, 37S, 250A, 200E, 185K

Check -->here!<--

Sector 1:Setup:

G1 normal general, G2 vet, G3 major


From G3 to camp 1: 50 wolf 100 boar
148R 1E 121K (126-137-148R)

From G3 to camp 2: 100 fox 40 boar
135R 4M 131K (121R-130R-135R 4M)

Block, send all generals right after each other:

From G1 to camp 3: 50 wolf 50 fox 50 boar
126E 48C

From G2, G3 to camp 4 leader: 50 fox 120 bear
G2: 250B (250B)
G3: 138M, 132K (125-132-138M)

Sector 1 losses: 283R, 250B, 142M

Sector 2:
G1, G2 and G3 any general, G4 major
As there is no block positioning isn't relevant.


From G4 to camp 1: 100 boar 30 bear
100R, 47M, 123K (100R, 30M-100R, 38M-100R, 47M)

From G1 and G4 to camp 2: 75 wolf 75 wolf packleader
G1: 180B (180B)
G4: 270C (-)

From G2, G3 and G4 to camp 3 leader camp: 100 wolf packleader 50 boar 1 black bull
G2: 200B
G3: 150B
G4: 25R, 65C, 180K (18-21-24R)
Vet: 250B (250B)
MG: 132M, 138K (114-122-132)

Sector 2 max losses: 124R, 530B, 47M

Sector 3:

G1 normal general, G2 vet, G3 major, G4 MMA, G5-G8 any general, G9 vet


Best is to use small catapult on camp 1 & 3 (camps will be completely destroyed)

From G4, G5 and G3 to camp 1 : 50 wolf 30 fox 100 bear
G4: MMA 220B (220B)
G5: any 125B (125B)
G3 MG: 160R 110K (143-150-160R)

Alternatives for camp 1
G4 MMA 220B (220B)
G5 MMA 220B (220B)
G3: 20R 250C (20R)
MMA: 220B (220B)
MG: 63R, 107M, 100K (63R 94M-63R 99M-63R 107M)

From G6, G3 to camp 2: 200 boar
G6: 150B (150B)
G3: 155R 115K (123-139-155R)
G6: 190R (190R)
G3: 150R 120K (117-133-149R)

From G7 G8 and G3 to camp 3: 80 wolf 100 bear
G7: 200B (200B)
G8: 200B (200B)
G3: 50R 220C (31-38-48R)
250B (250B)
195R 75K (172R-183R-195R 2K)

From G9 and G3 to camp 5: 80 bear 80 giant -
G9: 250B (250B)
G3: 36M 234A (25-28-33M)

Block, send all generals right after each other:

From G1 to leader camp 6 will be intercepted by camp 4: 80 wolf packleader 40 fox 70 bear-48 (49-59)
G1: 1R (1R)

From G2 and G3 to camp 6 leader 60 fox 40 boar 80 giant
G2: 220B (220B)
G3: 50B 220A (21-29-42B)

Sector 3 max loses: 364R, 1407B, 33M

Sector 4:

G1 normal general, G2 vet, G3 fast gen, G4 major, G5 vet, G6, G7 and G8 any general


Best is use a big catapult on camp 4

From G5 and G4 to camp 1: 90 fox 100 bear
G5: 250B (250B)
G4: 165M 105K (147-156-164M)

From G4 to camp 2 : 70 wolf 50 boar
94R 1E 120C 55k (80-88-94R)

From G6, G7 and G4 to camp 4: 140 wolf packleader 60 boar-
G6: 200B (200B)
G7: 200B (200B)
G4: 10R 260C (0-1-7R)

From G8 to camp 3: 100 fox 70 bear
131B (131B)

block, send all generals right after each other:

From G1 to camp 3: 100 fox 62-63 bear

From G2 G3, G4 to camp 5 leader: 50 fox 100 bear 50 giant
G2: 180B 70LB (180B 70LB)
G3: 200B (200B)
G4: 30R 50B 190A (12R 50B - 20R 50B - 28R 50B)

Sector 4 max losses: 129R 1161B 160M 70LB

Sector 5:

G1 normal general, G2 MMA, G3 major, G4 and G5 any gen


Best is use big catapult on camp 2

From G3 to camp 1: 50 shadowsneaker 80 fanatic 60 cultist
112R 138K (97-105-112R)

From G5, G4 and G3 to camp 2: 50wolf 120 bear
G4: 200B (200B)
G5: 200B (200B)
G3: 72R 178C 20K (56-62-72R)

From G3 to camp 3: 40 cultist 160 dancing dervish
20R 250A (17-19-20R)

block, send all generals right after each other:G1 to camp 4: 90 shadowsneaker 60 cultist 1 witch of te swamp

From G2 and G3 to camp 5 leader: 80 firedancer 1 spawn of hell 70 cultist
G2 MMA: 50R 170C (50R 170C)
G3 MG: 95M 1E 174K (69-79-92M)
G2 vet: 20S 230C (20S 230C)
G3 MG: 110M 160K (110M 4K)

Sector 5 max losses: 254R 400B 170C 92M

Sector 6:

no blocks - only: G1 major

From G1 to camp 1: 100 shadowsneaker 70 firedancer
80R 170E (75-77-79R)

From G1 to camp 2: 100 cultisi 100 dancing dervish
50R 220A (46-48-50R)

From G1 to camp 3: 40 shadowsneaker 80 fanatic 80 firedancer
162R 88E (146-155-162R)

From G1 to camp 4 leader: 80 firedancer 80 cultist 1 dark high priest
170R 100A (158-166-170R)

Max losses sector 6: 461R

Sector 7:

G1 major, G2 MMA

From G1 to camp 1: 100 firedancer 100 cultist
170R 100K (161-164-169R)

From G1 to camp 2: 40 shadowsneaker 80 cultist 80 dark priest
123R 1E 146K (119-121-123R)

From G1 to camp 3: 150 dark priest
71R 1E 198C (61-66-71R)

From G1 to camp 5 leader will be intercepted by camp 4: 90 shadowsneaker 80 dancing dervish- retreat after attack
35B 215A (19-26-33B)

be careful, after 1st wave with mma 145 R roa will destroy DC don't allow 1st ls buyer to use roa on dc if you already sent 1st wave with MMA 145R

From G2, G1 to camp 5 leader: 60 fanatic 60 cultist 1 witch of the swamp 1 dark magician
G2 MMA:145R (145R)
G1 MG: 48M 37S 185K (48M 17S-48M 29S-48M 36S) or roa

or without MMA

G2: 15R 85B (15R 85B)
G1: 113S 1E 36C 120K (113S)

Max losses in sector 7: 508R 33B 48M 36S

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